Walking with Posture



Walking Gracefully is an art and it requires confidence and practice to ace it.

Always remember, when walking, demonstrate proper posture and aim your feet in the direction of which you're walking, which is straight ahead.

Today we’re teaching you how to do it step-by-step!

Walking with Posture 2

Here is a video in one of the classes that I conducted on how to walk in a feminine and elegant way, with poise and balance.

When walking, it is extremely important to walk with proper posture, looking straight ahead, and feet aimed straight ahead as well. Make sure you are not slouched. Straighten your back and walk with your head up looking straight ahead. One's feet should not be aimed to the right and left. Aim your feet in the direction of which you're walking; straight forward.

You may have noticed in the video, some of the young ladies, when following the correct posture for walking, were still having some issues when trying to walk gracefully. One other factor that influences this is our confidence! We need to remember that apart from having a great posture, we need to pair it with self-confidence in ourselves.

All of this in a feminine and elegant way, like a real Lady.

Now, let’s discuss wearing heels while walking. I love my high heels. However, I have seen many women walk uncomfortably while wearing them.

Any woman can make heads turn as she enters the room, it's just about learning the secrets to what makes a walk memorable.

When a lady walks, her feet point forward; not one to the right and one to the left. Make sure to have an upright posture, shoulders back but not all the way back but just in line with the ears.

If you find it difficult to establish an upright posture, simply roll your shoulders back and drop them.  You will then be in a great position.  

Lastly, do not stand with your legs opened! A lady keeps her legs/feet closed (or maximum of 2 inches apart).

So, now we have discussed tips and on how to walk gracefully, without or with heels on. Let us not just read this but let’s put it to action and be a good influence especially to the ladies around us.

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