Travel Etiquette During Covid-19


It has been almost two years since the first known case of Covid-19.

There have been so many Covid-19 waves and it is still going. It may seem like there is no end to this pandemic. So many celebrations stopped, plans changed, meetings that never happened or were delayed... We are forced to live with it.

As we try to get back to some sort of normalcy, this season calls for many to travel and meet people in social gatherings. We highly need to put some safety measures in place, not just for ourselves but for others as well.

We have compiled recommended etiquette measures to help you protect yourself when traveling.

1.First and foremost, according to CDC, it is in the best interest of everyone to be vaccinated. We know many people view vaccination differently according to political views but whether you like it or not, the places you would like to visit, dine-in, or just enjoy seem to be on the path to eventually welcome vaccinated guests only. Ultimately, the safety and good health of you and others are the primary concern.

If vaccinated, please remember it is not a guarantee you cannot contract covid-19.  According to CDC, the effects of the virus will more than likely not be fatal.  The dangerous fact is, not only can a vaccinated person contract the virus, but they can also give it to someone else who may not be vaccinated or may not have a strong immune system and it becomes more detrimental to them.

We recommend you wear a mask in enclosed spaces and public vehicles most importantly. When traveling, unless you book private excursions, you will be accompanied by fellow travelers in a public vehicle. You don't know where they may have been nor do you know their health condition. As an added protection (and if it is okay for your health), wear a mask always-vaccinated or not.

2. When you enter someone’s home who you visit, wear your mask to show them you are concerned about their safety and yours. Remove your shoes at the front door, especially if they have small children that may crawl on the floor. Don’t place your purse on their table.  Doing these things may cause germs to transfer from your shoes or the bottom of your purse, onto their floor and table.

3. When in public, try to prevent touching surfaces like: chair rails, countertops, etc.  If shopping, try not to touch items of interest. We recommend you view it from a safe distance and only inquire when you are really interested in it. This is especially in shops where people can touch any product at any time. If you prefer touching it, by all means, however, be sure to sanitize your hands after.

4. Bring a sanitizer or alcohol in your bag. It is very handy before eating or when you touch your face. Just an extra step to make sure your hands are clean before it reaches your face.

5. Be at a safe distance. When visiting tourist places, it is difficult to have space for yourself but if you can, be at a safe distance,

6. Follow establishments like airlines, bus companies, train rules, etc. Try not to feel violated when they impose their policies. They are doing what they can to help protect you and others around you.  Please don’t take it personally.

7. It is crucial you be self-aware and seek assistance when you feel the symptoms of Covid-19. We know the anxiety and paranoia the pandemic has caused. However, self-isolate when you feel the symptoms of Covid -19 and ask for professional help when needed.

8. Respect the space of people around you. Set boundaries for yourself and others. With the pandemic still existing, now is the time to express and demonstrate humility and concern for others.

9. Go out but with precaution. Some countries have enjoyed the freedom of going out again and in huge crowds. Please follow safety measures. If possible, to just enjoy some events online, or with a few people. The pandemic is nothing to take lightly.

10. Respect other people and be empathetic. You may be okay and safe but people around you might not be. The only way for this global society to survive is to think of each other. It is important we not only think of ourselves-we should think of others as well. Your actions always will affect another.


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