Planning Quality Time

Hello everyone! We are well into December and even more holiday celebrations are just around the corner. How will you plan your quality time? Holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones and a good time to … Read more

Giving Back

Giving back. How do you define giving back? I have been an Etiquette Consultant for several years now and I have experienced many ups and downs, mostly ups. The pandemic came and as you know, many businesses and the … Read more


When dating, many simply base it on feelings and physical attraction initially. However, as we venture more into the relationship, we learn more about each other, and more behaviors are revealed.  As an Etiquette Consultant, I advise young women, … Read more

Effective Communication – Meeting Others

Now onto the final blog of our Effective Communication series. You only have one chance to meet people for the first time.  First impressions last (although they change through time). When you meet someone, you are immediately judged. Your … Read more

Effective Communication – Redundancy

In the previous blog, Effective Communication I talked about my journey toward properly committing and living my life using effective communication. “Speaking with clarity, saying what you mean, and acknowledging the other person in the conversation are some ways … Read more

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