Planning Quality Time

Hello everyone! We are well into December and even more holiday celebrations are just around the corner. How will you plan your quality time?

Holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones and a good time to schedule catch-ups with friends. It is advised to plan ahead as it may get busy during these times and it an aspect of etiquette to organize gatherings so the time you spend together is meaningful. Don’t forget to RSVP to those invitations. When you RSVP, we highly recommend you do not inquire if you may invite another guest to accompany.  That’s not proper etiquette. 

Planning ahead means you are giving importance to your time and the time of the people you are going to meet. For example, you and your friends decide to meet for brunch. Planning which restaurant you will dine in requires everyone’s agreement. Then deciding what time to arrive, planning the dress code, and checking the menu in advance so you know the preferred dishes and price of each, are simple tasks you can do so you can experience quality time with friends. It may sound silly that I am advising these things to you, however, I have noticed in many situations during a gathering, things seem awkward when clearly unplanned. There may also be too much noise and people coming in and out, or another example is you are in an Italian restaurant and the friend you met who you invited to eat with you is allergic to gluten. You may just never know the circumstances and although you may have great conversations, especially when you haven’t seen the person in a long time, the tips I mentioned can definitely better the mood and make a difference in the overall experience.

When my family and I gather during the holidays, we plan everything in advance to ensure everyone places the various activities and gatherings on their calendar and are prepared.  If there are funds to contribute, perhaps, to one person who will prepare certain dishes for our meal, we are sure to send that notice out to everyone via text, whatsapp, or phone call them directly to ensure everyone receives and responds to the notice.  We don’t send via email because everyone doesn’t check their email daily.  Now, someone may request that you send it via email-that’s quite fine. When this preparation task is done, there is very little room for misunderstanding or missed dates.  Everyone will be on the same page. 

I practice the same habits in my business.  I determine the culture of my business by practicing these protocols.  At From the Inside Out School of Etiquette, when working with contractors and my students. I make sure that I have all the materials I need beforehand. I am prepared with my presentation and any other item I may need. I dress appropriately. If my class will be virtual, I test the internet connection and sound. I am conscious of my background, so I use a green screen to ensure the background is appropriate. If in-person, I am sure to arrive at the venue on time, so when it is my time to present, I am in place and it is clear to my students and my Contractor that I am professional and ready to fulfill my task. 

Giving value to time is how you plan quality time. You acknowledge how important everyone’s time is.  You consider the fact that people could have chosen to be elsewhere.  However, your friends and family chose to be with you. Since they chose to be with you, you should make that time with them a valued one! 


We always emphasize how learning new things will be a part of life and no one can take it away from us. From the Inside Out School of Etiquette teaches etiquette to children and adults. Many topics are available to you; so that you will be prepared for when you need them.

If you want to know more, we have paid videos and FREE videos for you. We also have an intensive 5-Week Masterclass conducted by the owner, Jackie Vernon-Thompson live via Zoom, if you aspire to be a Certified Etiquette Consultant and teach etiquette in person and virtually! This is for everyone globally and we will try to help and educate as much as we can.

Our classes are conducted virtually and in person for children and adults.

For any of your inquiries, reach us at info@fromtheinsideoutsoe.com, call us at 9548706414. Visit us at www.fromtheinsideoutsoe.com

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