Greeting and Communicating Effectively


Learn the dos and don’ts about handshaking.

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Learn the dos and don’ts about handshaking. Learn the importance of a firm handshake. Learn how to introduce yourself. Learn the importance of eye contact. Learn how to speak with confidence. Learn how to respond to someone when introducing yourself. Learn how to introduce someone to another. Learn how to have proper posture when meeting someone. Learn how to project your voice. Learn how to articulate your words. Understand the importance of speaking proper grammar and giving and accepting compliments when interacting with others.

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  1. Dads are good quality and great teaching tools

  2. Very quick response to emails and I received the dvd series quickly. The website is very thorough and easy to use.

  3. Wonderful event

  4. Top tier

  5. Thankyou

Greeting and Communicating Effectively
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