"It is all in the mind." Have you heard this saying?

When I am faced with a challenging situation, whether to make a simple decision or something drastic, I can say that I almost always follow my heart. However, following my heart does not mean that there are no repercussions from my actions. Giving more importance to my thoughts and having introspection has saved me from a great deal of bad decisions.

Our perception of everything is created in the mind. Although we are affected by many factors, what we eventually come up with or imagine is based on how we train our mind. For example, after we watch a horror movie, we feel as if everything around us becomes sinister for a moment but aha, it is just because our thoughts are still freshly influenced by the movie.

It is all in the mind even in reference to etiquette protocols like how to use a knife and fork in the American and European cultures. It is how our brain is wired. In some other cultures, using a knife and fork is not the norm because folks are primarily taught to use something else like their hands, and the mind decides to keep those thoughts.

I mentioned earlier that we are affected by so many factors, the people around us, the place we live, the society we grew up in, our traditions, our laws, etc. It is indeed true that who we are and what we think are shaped by these factors. However, as we develop, our thoughts change. In etiquette for example, knowing your dining utensils is such a prominent topic. Many of us have many traditions in place and we respect that. However, in some settings, the mind needs to adjust to keep it cordial with each other. The mind might tell you to eat with your hands, but if you are invited to someone’s home or a formal event, using the proper utensils the proper way is recommended to seem well rounded and appropriate. This then relates to mindset. Acknowledging other people’s tradition and showing respect despite the differences, shows how you value your relationship with others regardless of their culture.

Mindset is “A set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself.” Mindset is how you approach things from your point of view. Mindset changes over time but it always guides a person on how they tackle circumstances. For example, again in etiquette, you might think that there is no correct way of walking or sitting, but ladies and gentlemen when walking and sitting, you can demonstrate proper posture by ensuring your shoulders align with your ears as you are in an upright position. You cannot perform this when your mindset is simply to walk or sit, you must think about the proper way of walking or sitting every time.

Another example is during the pandemic, having the mindset that there is indeed a pandemic and whatever you do and how you interact will certainly affect others. Thinking of that fact and following protocols will prevent you and your neighbor from contracting Covid.

Mindset is how you deal with everything around you. How your mindset is with things shapes who you are. In a world where anyone can think and be anything, set your mindset to be kind and understanding both to yourself and others.

I hope I gave you a little understanding on how mindset is important in the world of etiquette. It is actually essential! I hope you appreciate it and if so, please share this with your friends and family.

Mindset is key, mindset is for you and me. 🙂


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