Ladylike Tips

There is Chivalry and then there is ladylike…

Do you know much about being ladylike? Have you wondered how you can transform your daily actions into more ladylike? How do you become more ladylike?

We are glad that you are curious and interested in refining your actions into being more ladylike. Being ladylike is not just observed to impress but to show that we still know how to be prim and proper. Remember, these are not intended to change traditions and culture but to prepare you for excellence.

Listed below are three topics on how we can be more ladylike in simple daily situations.

Sitting gracefully

  1. Sit upright on the chair, legs closed, knees locked, with your hands on top of your lap, clasping both hands together. We do this so that your hands are in one place and make sure all focus is towards who you are conversing with or and to minimize distractions.
  2. Sitting side view/slanting, still facing the front, cross your legs at the ankles, not the knees. People often just do the knees since it sometimes feels more natural to do so but crossing at the ankles especially, when wearing dresses and skirts is the proper way to be more ladylike!

How to pick things up from the floor or ground in a ladylike manner

  1. Walk towards the side of the item you want to pick up. It does not matter if it is on the left or right side as long as you stop and position at the side of the item you want to pick up. This is very important because if you do not position yourself correctly, you may lose your balance or even touch the floor which is a no no.
  2. Slowly go down to pick up the item, holding the tip of your dress or skirt, making sure nothing is exposed, with legs and knees close to each other and not apart. Remember, your knees support each other when going down and rising.
  3. Don’t bend over when picking the item up from the floor. You may be at risk at exposing the top of your underwear in the rear or your shirt may rise and expose your bare back. If wearing a dress or skirt, it is equally important not to bend over.
  4. One should not squat in order to pick up the item directly in front either. That most definitely, will force you to open your legs and leave the chance of exposing under garments. That’s a big no no.

How to manage lipstick stains on drinking glass or cup?

If you see that your lipstick has been imprinted on the rim of the glass, make an effort to drink from the same area of the rim. We do not want to have lipstick stains all over the rim of the glass. If you have lipstick stains imprinted all over the rim of the glass, you would not appear as polished compared to having the lipstick imprint in one spot, or very close in proximity. Pay close attention when drinking! That’s what a lady would do.

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