Increase Your Self Esteem


Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself.

It is loving yourself, believing that you are someone worthy of value and that you have a purpose on earth.

Having high self-esteem is being secure in yourself. You do not become jealous nor intimidated because you are contented with yourself and who you are.

Some might think it's impossible to achieve that state, but through constant words of affirmation and training the mind, a person can certainly have high self-esteem.

Loving yourself means learning from your mistakes and taking them as a part of maturing. Your mistakes are not your defining characteristics. And that also means that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever you've done to yourself or someone else.

Your weight, hair texture, the color of your skin, your skin challenges, etc are all part of who you are. You cannot hate it because that is a part of you. The things that make you, make you unique and special! Embrace you! No one else will unless you do.

Do not try to be someone else because honestly, who you are is what the world needs. Each one of us is here because we matter in the grand scheme of things (no matter what others might say). Our job is just to be the most authentic and best version of ourselves!

With all that said... Are you the most and best version of yourself? Be honest with yourself!

child 5

Let's do an exercise.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and pen.
  2. Write down the negative things you can think of yourself. Write it all down.
  3. Find a picture of you when you were young, like a little kid.
  4. Once you have it, put the picture in front of you and with the negative words you wrote, say it out loud to the young picture of yourself.



Were you able to do it? Were you able to say negative words to 6-7 year old you? How did you feel?

child 6

Let's do it again... but now you are going to affirm yourself for the extraordinary person you are!

On a new piece of paper, write the positive things you would like your younger you to listen to and believe. The things you know should matter to younger you especially now that you are older. Say it out loud with conviction!

The younger you is still you, you know... Maybe bigger in size and have more knowledge but that kid is still you. Eyes bright and hopeful for happy things.

Let's not let the world take away the love we have in ourselves. Life makes loving and accepting work hard but we have to work harder. Let's nourish esteem and let it grow even more!

I believe in you! Do you believe in YOU? I truly hope your answer is a resounding YES! Now go and be great!

Remember, YOU matter!

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