Don’t Let the Downers Drag You Down: How to Deal with Negativity

Life throws quite a bit at us, and sometimes they include many negatives.. From a gossiping colleague, social media cynics or even an inner voice telling you it's impossible to do anything. Negativity can be the real obstacle to your mood and motivation, whatever source it comes from. But don't worry, fellow graceful people! To help you deal with the negative, and to keep your head up, I've got a few tips:

  1. Recognize the Stink: Identifying negative elements is the first step. Is it someone complaining all the time? You're just looking back at the past mistakes? You can start to deal with it once you're aware of the negative.
  2. Don't Be a Drain Sponge: Negativity can be contagious. If you're surrounded by negative feelings, politely excuse yourself or set a boundary. It's okay to limit your exposure to negativity, just like you would limit exposure to, well, a literal drain.
  3. The Power of Positive: Keep your focus on the bright side. Try to find something to be grateful for, big or small. Start a gratitude journal and list three good things that have happened every day. Negative thoughts will be drowned out by positive ones.
  4. Reframe It: Sometimes there's a distorted view of things that leads to negative feelings. Try to look at the situation in a more positive light. Is that glass half empty, or half full of delicious beverage waiting to be enjoyed?
  5. You Got This: Empower yourself! You know, you have control over your thoughts and reactions. Do not allow your mood to be influenced by someone else's negative attitude. Believe in yourself, and you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Bonus Tip: Laughter is the Best Medicine: Find humor in the situation (when appropriate, of course). A good laugh can be a powerful antidote to negativity.

Don't forget, it takes practice to deal with negative feelings. Wait until you find what works best for you, and don't be afraid to experiment with new techniques. You can make a negative feeling disappear and keep the positive energy flowing by following these guidelines!


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