Honor Your Body

Honoring our bodies is very important. We do not have all the time or chances to explain ourselves to people we encounter shortly (not that we need to) but how we express/show ourselves through the way we dress will primarily be how people will judge us too. It’s so superficial but it is how it is. What we can do is present ourselves modestly without losing our authenticity.

Our best advice is to present yourself: with class, easy, presentable, and still professional, and of course according to the occasion.

Take pride in your hair! Regardless of the texture or length, take the time to groom your hair. If you feel like being fancy about it, you can do so but again, according to the occasion, and always remember that people will treat you the way they perceive you.

Dress codes

Be sure that your dress, skirt, or shorts are not so short that it leaves no room for imagination. Meaning, it’s quite fine to feel and look attractive, however, don’t expose yourself because you are much too valuable to do that. Dress comfortably and respectfully. Shop for respectful clothes in the store!

Prevent Exposure

  1. A dress or skirt should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  2. Wear camisoles under clothes that are sheer.
  3. Wear the appropriate bra for your shirt. Please do not expose your bra straps! (If you are wearing a cross-back shirt, wear a cross-back bra or a strapless bra.)
  4. Keep your nails clean and at a moderate length to remain professional.
Walking with Posture 2
Honor Your Body 3

What are we eating?

It is important that you are mindful of which foods enter your body in order to honor your body. Here are some foods and ingredients we advice to avoid or consume a very moderate amount:

  1. Sodas, salty chips, oily foods
  2. High fructose corn syrup
  3. High sodium levels, which is salty food
  4. High sugar levels
  5. Fast food

Moderation is Key!

All food can be bad if eaten in excess so eat moderately and occasionally splurge.

Honor Your Body4

Exercise for good health and to honor your body!

Make the effort to move around and exercise to ensure your blood flows well and you get that oxygen in your blood. Plus you want your heart rate to increase for the appropriate time.

Exotic Body Piercings

If you want piercings, it's preferable to not put them in exotic places. It leaves lasting impressions. People will stereotype you. We do not desire to be stereotyped. However, we cannot stop the public from judging.


Your body is not a canvas? We think it depends on how your culture treats it but in the workplace, tattoos are still taboo and not very much welcomed. If you desire that top corporate position, refrain from having tattoos placed on your body.
Corporate frowns on tattoos and it may hinder your progress.

Honor Your Body
Honor Your Body2

Present yourself in a way that demands respect!

Present yourself in a way that you are offered opportunities!

Words of affirmation for oneself:

  1. I am valuable.
  2. I am special.
  3. I deserve to love myself and be loved.
  4. I will not let peer. pressure influence me.
  5. I will not try to blend in.
  6. I will blent out.
  7. I can do it!

I will honor my body.

We hope you learned something new this time. We encourage you to assist us in educating others by honoring our bodies!

We always emphasize how learning new things will always be part of life and no one can take it away from us. From The Inside Out School of Etiquette teaches etiquette to children and adults. Many topics are available for you! So that you will be prepared for when you need it.

If you want to know more, we have paid videos and FREE videos for you. We also have an intensive 5-Week Masterclass conducted by the owner, Jackie Vernon-Thompson live via zoom, if you ever want to be a Certified Etiquette Consultant and teach in your area and virtually! This is for everyone globally and we will try to help and educate as much as we can.

Our classes are conducted virtually and in-person for children and adults.

For any of your inquiries, reach us at info@fromtheinsideoutsoe.com, call us at 9548706414. Visit us at www.fromtheinsideoutsoe.com

See you next time. Please share this blog with others!

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