Who would have thought in 2020 a pandemic would happen, and who would think even more than a year later in 2021, it still is not over. 

What a time we are living! How fortunate most of us are to be alive every single day. Many of our friends and family and people who we know were not that lucky to get this far. 

With all that has happened around the world and because we all have gotten this far, I just want to talk about gratitude. Yes, gratitude and giving thanks. Whether you believe in God or you believe in someone else, or just the universe, or just believing in any higher being, giving thanks each day is a small action that reminds us how blessed we are and how we should take care each day. 

I believe every single day that we wake, fully able, with our senses working, able to do and eat what we want, and then come back home safely to people we love is such a beautiful blessing. When you think about it, anything can happen throughout the day. To be safe and start a new day each day is indeed a blessing. 

Some of us wake, immediately check notifications and urgently start the day without even having a slow time to say our gratitude and set our intentions for the day. I know for some people in other parts of the world that what I am saying might sound absurd, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving thanks and acknowledging that we are blessed. It just keeps us going and not taking anything for granted.

What is more, gratitude is also part of etiquette. Knowing when to say thank you and acknowledging goodness reflects how you are as a person. You appreciate how people treat you and you pass kindness to other people. Moreso this pandemic, we are taught to social distance and stay away from people, a simple act of looking after each other will ripple so much. We will not survive if we just look out for ourselves. People are sociable and in a society, we will thrive, but that’s only when we learn that our actions affect others. 

When we show gratitude, we humble ourselves and allow blessings to come to us. We admit that we receive grace and that we are thankful for it. We accept that what is given to us can also be taken. When we show gratitude, we admit that not everyone is fortunate enough to have what is given to us and so we need to cherish it. When we show gratitude, we recognize that there is still so much goodness in the world. And that goodness is happening to us. 

I personally believe that there are so many things about gratitude that will keep a person happy. Gratitude is like this switcher that changes any mood to a better one. With gratitude, you always see the better light in things. Did you lose your wallet? You would think that it is just a material thing you can purchase again. Actually, any material thing you can have again! Instead of being sad about it, you switch your thinking into, “It’s just a thing, I am healthy, I am safe. I will have it again. I will earn it again.” This is just an example but another one would be, having an ice cream after a long day, a person on the street wishing you a good day really switches your mood. You feel better and you see things differently. You give thanks because you are able to have some delicious dessert and a stranger wishes you well. You are experiencing goodness! It feels so warm inside that you cannot help but feel blessed. That is how gratitude works!

We have only a few days left before 2021 ends. I hope you realize how blessed you are to be alive, to be able to do what you desire, to eat what you desire, and to experience the world! Even in the simplest things, I hope you give gratitude and pass it on. You may not have everything you wish.  Nonetheless, you have everything you need and then some.  

Wishing you blessings upon blessings and happy end of 2021. To 2022 we go! Always give thanks and praise.


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