Giving Back

Giving Back

Giving back. How do you define giving back?

I have been an Etiquette Consultant for several years now and I have experienced many ups and downs, mostly ups. The pandemic came and as you know, many businesses and the lives of individuals were adversely affected. When life is in cloud 9 and when life is in the rocks, how do you still manage to give back?

I start my day with prayer and devotion.  One of the things that I request of God is to give me opportunities to give back to someone in need. I give thanks for another day given to me. I give thanks for the gift of light and the gift of my life. Then, I proceed with thanking God for keeping my loved ones and me safe and so much more… After my devotion, I remain still as I write my list of gratitude for that day.  This daily exercise gives me joy and a heart of gratitude and peace.

Keep in mind, we are here for each other.  We support each other.  We love each other.  We care and provide for each other.  No man is an island. We all need someone. Giving back is not just about giving money or material things but sometimes about giving someone a call to say hello or to check on them or even to advise them you were thinking of them or praying for them. I literally seek opportunities to give.  That’s just me. 

You know that feeling when you suddenly have extra finances, when you get promoted, or when something good happens to you, you have the urge to give back and it’s strong? That is because we acknowledge the blessings that are given to us and we wish to share it! Each one of us is very fortunate in one way or the other. 

Other simple ways of giving back may also be buying a homeless person a meal, treating friends out to lunch, giving to church or humbly treating yourself because you’ve done a great job. I’ve even stood in the line at the grocery store and paid for the groceries of the person in front of me.  That little voice says to me, “You will receive this back ten-folds.”  

So, in the spirit of giving, don’t forget to treat yourself the way you treat the people you love. You bring yourself to dates, you buy yourself products you like, you eat the food you crave within reason. lol 

Giving back is as I mentioned, first and foremost, acknowledging that you are blessed and that you can always bless someone else.


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