Gentleman Etiquettes

Gentleman etiquettes a.k.a. Chivalry.

There are so many ways and forms on how a boy or a man can perform acts of chivalry and it's not just for occasions, but for our everyday interactions. Most of what we know about it is taught to us by our parents and our school, and the rest is learned as we progress through life.

In 2021, much has changed. We have many empowered women and more independent men. We like to take things into our own hands and sometimes etiquette feels like doing too much. We do not think so though! We believe that etiquette never goes out of style and regardless of who you bump into or what you are doing, etiquette will always be etiquette. That is why we highly encourage everyone to continue learning and educating others on proper etiquette.

We have compiled 3 Gentlemen étiquettes tips below to add to your list of protocols you can demonstrate in your everyday endeavors.

Escorting Lady to the Car

  1. Offer your arm, whether she will enter the driver’s side or passenger’s side of the car.
  2. Your LEFT arm must be bent, making a fist and place it at your chest with the elbow out, forming a triangle demonstrating you are ready to escort the lady.
  4. Raise/offer your arm upto where the lady can reach and comfortably allow her elbow to intertwine with yours. Elbow to elbow.
  5. Now walk upright and make sure to walk side by side with the lady and at her pace or a moderate pace. Some ladies wear heels and some simply walk slowly. Be sure you are walking with them. Not ahead and not behind her.
  6. When near the car door, gently release her arm in order to open the door for the lady.
  7. Make sure the lady is properly seated and the hem of her dress or skirt is in the car. Then, close the car door.
  8. Walk onto your side of the car and enter.
  9. When it is time to exit the car, make sure to open the car door for the lady and always offer your arm to escort her as you walk to your destination.

Seating a Lady on a Chair

  1. As a gentleman, you should always be first to grab the chair in preparation for the lady to sit. Go behind the chair where the lady sits.
  2. Pull the chair far enough from the table to allow the lady to enter from the side.
  3. Once she is standing in front of the chair, gracefully push the chair in, indicating to her to sit.
  4. Once the lady sits, she will then rise to allow you to push the chair in a bit closer to the table, where she will be comfortably at the table.
  5. Then you seat yourself.

Most Appropriate Handshake when Meeting Friends, Family, and Others

  1. Be sure you stand at a respectful distance from the other person. Don’t stand too closely.
  2. Extend your RIGHT arm toward the person with palm open, Simultaneously, step forward one step with your right leg. This is to attempt to engage the individual.
  3. Wait for the other person’s hand. Once the hands are together and thumbs lock, close your hand ensuring your thumb is down and you are firmly holding their hand.
  4. Don’t close your hand too early. If you do that, you will end up with a half handshake, which is not professional.
  5. Shake 3 or 4 times and then release and step back into place.
  6. At that point, you may continue conversing or part ways once proper introduction is complete.

We hope you learned something new this time. We encourage you to assist us in educating others by demonstrating proper etiquette in your everyday interactions!

We always emphasize how learning new things will always be part of life and no one can take it away from us. From The Inside Out School of Etiquette teaches etiquette to children and adults. Many topics are available for you! So that you will be prepared for when you need it.

If you want to know more, we have paid videos and FREE videos for you. We also have an intensive 5-Week Masterclass conducted by the owner, Jackie Vernon-Thompson live via zoom, if you ever want to be a Certified Etiquette Consultant and teach in your area and virtually! This is for everyone globally and we will try to help and educate as much as we can.

Our classes are conducted virtually and in-person for children and adults.

For any of your inquiries, reach us at info@fromtheinsideoutsoe.com, call us at 9548706414. Visit us at www.fromtheinsideoutsoe.com

See you next time. Please share this blog with others!

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