Effective Communication – Redundancy


In the previous blog, Effective Communication I talked about my journey toward properly committing and living my life using effective communication.

Speaking with clarity, saying what you mean, and acknowledging the other person in the conversation are some ways of performing Effective Communication. Enunciating and pronouncing words is also paramount when attempting to communicate effectively.”

One of the most important aspects of Effective Communication is avoiding redundancies. In quick definition, it is adding extra words/repeating words or phrases that do not add value to a sentence.

For example, phrases like:

“Can you please repeat that for me again?”

“The reason why”, and

“We collaborated together”

These are very normal phrases I hear daily and yet we fail to realize these are all redundant! Repeat and again mean the same. Reason means asking for an explanation same as using why. Collaborating means working with each other, which is the same meaning as together!

I believe the reason most people do this (or just are unaware) is that many do not listen keenly to their thoughts before verbalizing them. I am not perfect but I try to commit to using effective communication. When I listen to my thoughts, I become more aware and critical before saying the words.

Let’s have more examples of redundancies. This is one I often hear, especially in a religious setting. “Please stand to your feet.” Respectfully, one would not stand on anything else but their feet. One would simply say, “Please stand.”

Another one is “End Result.” It should either be the end of the result(s).

One more example is “Join in.” It’s simply “Join us, join me, join them, etc.” Join in is redundant.

Another widely used redundant sentence is “I just recently got home.” when it should be “I recently arrived home.” That’s it! Or you can say, “I just arrived home.”

I know it is painful when you are reminded of the redundancies you may have used, and you’re thinking back on the conversations you have had while using these and other redundancies. Don’t feel bad. I have done the same. You’re like, Ouch! Did I actually say that? Yes, you sure did. However, don’t dwell on it. Grow and adjust your vocabulary and shine.

Remember, by being self-aware and admitting you make/made mistakes, help yourself grow. You create better opportunities for yourself by correcting what has happened!


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