Dining Tips You Should Know

We have already discussed dining etiquette and protocols from our previous blogs but there are still countless tips we would like to share with you!

These dining protocols are often overlooked and we think anytime we can educate folks about them would always be the best time. As always, you will never know when you might need this info, and it’s always good to continue learning.

3 Dining Tips You Should Know:

1. How to properly eat bread while dining in an informal or formal setting.

Instead of cutting bread, the proper way is to actually break the bread into smaller pieces when you eat it.! You do not cut it in half or directly bite it. You eat bread by breaking a morsel and then spread butter, jam or any spread, then enjoy it. Always chew with your mouth closed of course. Continually break a morsel at a time until you’ve had enough or the bread is finished.

Also, remember, when there is a shared portion of butter, jam, any preserve, you would use the butter knife provided for the shared portion, take as much as you feel you will need for your entire bread, then place it on the edge of your bread plate. Then you use your personal knife to double dip from there as you enjoy your bread. Never double dip in a shared portion and never use you used personal knife in a shared portion either.

2. How to drink soup

At a fine-dining setting, or when dining with several course meals, a soup is sometimes present. It is usually the first course and has a lighter taste. Since liquid is involved, spillage or dripping is likely. To prevent this, there is a proper way of enjoying the soup without the worry of a mess. The secret is to scoop the soup with a soup spoon from the middle as go away from you, not towards you! Once you scoop aways from you, run the bottom of the spoon on the ledge to be rid of the excess liquid at the bottom of the spoon. Then, bring the spoon to you and enjoy. By the time you would have scooped away, run it on the ledge, and bring it to you, all dripping is over and you are able to enjoy your soup gracefully without spillage or dripping that may cause a scene or a mess.

3. What is SORBET & Why is it important?

Sorbet is a French word. It is like ice-cream without dairy! It is used to cleanse your palates after eating something. This is what you usually order and eat before your entrée or main course.

There are two palates in our mouth; the hard and soft palates. Use your tongue to touch your palates. The hard palate is at the roof of your mouth where you feel the hardness while the soft palate is the one closer to your throat where it gets softer. The purpose of eating sorbet is to cleanse those palates in preparation for the main course. So your mouth feels fresh from the previous flavours and there is no taste of anything you’ve consumed prior to your entrée.

We always emphasize how learning new things will always be part of life and no one can take it away from us. From the Inside Out School of Etiquette teaches etiquette to children and adults. Many topics are available for you! So that you will be prepared for when you need it.

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