The objective of chivalry is pretty much for a gentleman to protect and take care of the lady in his presence.  As they say, “Ladies first”. Yes, indeed, ladies first.  If a gentleman, whether a young man or seasoned gentleman, is accompanied by a lady, e.g. mother, sister, aunt, cousin, classmate, etc., It is always great that he ensures her needs are provided in that specific situation.


When a lady and a gentleman heads into a restaurant, it is very important he opens the door, stands outside, and allows her to enter first, then he enters.  He doesn’t walk in front of her.  He allows her to walk in front.  Once they arrive the table, he pulls her chair out and seats her properly, then he sits.

Once the waiter or waitress arrives the table to take the orders, a gentleman allows the lady to order first, then he orders.

If shared appetizers have been ordered, the gentleman does not have first bids of the last portion.  He is to ensure the lady is satisfied.  Therefore, he would ask her if she would like the final portion.  She can say “Let’s share it” or “No, you may have it” or “Yes.”  A gentleman just doesn’t eat the last portion without ensuring she is satisfied.

If she needs to leave the table during your dining experience, for any reason, it is good for the gentleman to rise and pull out her chair. When she returns, he would seat her again.

CRUCIAL TIP: Ladies, must always express gratitude for the chivalrous behaviors of the gentleman. 

Holding a stem

Lady walking with shoes

Salt and Pepper

Our palates

Quick Tip:  If the gentleman is wearing a hat, he must remove it before entering the restaurant.

When a lady is going upstairs, the lady goes up first.

When going down the stairs, the gentleman goes down first just in case she falls, he stops her fall.  Afterall, he is to protect her, right?

Finally, when a lady and gentleman are strolling down the street on the sidewalk or wherever, the gentleman must walk alongside the traffic.  She should walk on the inside away from the traffic.  Again, his job is to be sure she is safe.  HE’S HER PROTECTOR!

There is so much more to know about chivalry.  The objective is for a man to protect and ensure the lady in his presence is satisfied and safe.

Every male is not a gentleman. A Gentleman intentionally becomes a gentleman!

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