Don’t Let the Downers Drag You Down: How to Deal with Negativity

Life throws quite a bit at us, and sometimes they include many negatives.. From a gossiping colleague, social media cynics or even an inner voice telling you it’s impossible to do anything. Negativity can be the real obstacle to … Read more

Spreading Love with Grace: An Etiquette Guide to Your Valentine’s Day

Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day. The hearts are aflutter, roses blossom, and the pressure to prove your love is increasing. But don’t worry, lovestruck souls and friendship champions! As your friendly neighborhood etiquette consultant, I’m here to navigate the graceful … Read more

New Beginnings: A Simple Guide to Personal Goal Setting for the New Year

Many of us are inspired to embrace positive change and personal growth as our calendar turns toward the New Year. Setting goals is a powerful way to channel that enthusiasm into concrete steps toward a more fulfilling life. For … Read more

Navigating the Aisles with Grace: A Guide to Shopping Etiquette

The holidays are approaching and shopping is a must for many.  Here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind. Maintaining a sense of decorum is crucial on the busy shopping scene, where aisles are full of exciting … Read more

The Etiquette of Confidence

Confidence is a crucial element of good manners. It isn’t just about knowing how to use a fork, or how to talk politely. It’s about confidence in every interaction and decision we make. It shapes who we are, how … Read more

Celebrating the Achievement of Goals

The pursuit of goals is a vital element in the existence of man. We push our limits, unleash our potential, and understand our dreams by pursuing these aspirations. Achieving goals is now not in simple terms a cease in … Read more

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