Body Positivity with Dr. Kymrae Mizell Hill

Dr. Kymrae Mizell Hill invited our very own Jackie Vernon-Thompson to discuss body positivity.

Dr. Kymrae Mizell Hill is the executive director for Whoamentoring. Whoamentoring is a  nonprofit organization that focuses on the imperative need for more empowering events and mentorship programs for young women and also adult or seasoned women.

This discussion includes:
- How to look at yourself from a positive light
- Body positivity vs body image
- Effects of social media and how to counter it
- Your value as a person
- Daily Affirmations
- Tips to help in Body Positivity (important)
- Working from the inside out

And a question and answer portion from listeners!

We hope you enjoy this exciting and much-needed discussion about body positivity. Share the word if you can.

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