Effective Communication

Etiquette is not just about the way you behave, it is also the way you speak. How you interact with others includes treating them with respect and speaking kindly to them.  Speaking with clarity, saying what you mean, and … Read more


“It is all in the mind.” Have you heard this saying? When I am faced with a challenging situation, whether to make a simple decision or something drastic, I can say that I almost always follow my heart. However, … Read more

Purse Etiquette

You might think that understanding how to hold and wear your purse is not a big deal but as ladies, we love purses, handbags, tote bags or just about anything where we can put our essential things.  There are … Read more

Walking with Posture

  Walking Gracefully is an art and it requires confidence and practice to ace it. Always remember, when walking, demonstrate proper posture and aim your feet in the direction of which you’re walking, which is straight ahead. Today we’re … Read more

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