About the President and Founder


January 2014, Jackie Vernon-Thompson, Founder and President of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette, LLC. was inspired to create a school that teaches youth to perform at their optimum. In our fast-paced society, there is a definite need for this service.

Jackie has earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business focused on Communications. She is also a two time Certified Etiquette Consultant for the international community. Jackie has conducted etiquette skills and self-enhancement workshops for youth, both boys and girls, in the urban and suburban communities at schools and various organizations for many years.  Jackie considers herself blessed with the ability to meet each youth where they are in order to be effective.

From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette works with each youth internally, with their attitude, what they thinks of themselves, the standards they set for themselves and any self-inflicting faults created. Once those concerns and others are addressed, there is a strong chance they will be a changed person, for the better, from the inside out.

From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette is a vendor for Broward and Dade County Public Schools and often conducts workshops in the Elementary, Middle, High, and Charter schools in those counties.

Jackie also offers all the same workshops to adults at a more mature level. They too can be in the position to sharpen their knowledge of etiquette skills in various aspects and become more refined.

In March 2017, Jackie was an honoree for the City of Lauderhill's Third Annual Women’s History Month. In 2018 she was also recognized as A Woman of Distinction by the City of Lauderhill Kiwanis Club.  From there she has been repeatedly awarded and honored for the life-changing experience she has given to countless youth and adults.

Jackie prides herself in giving back to the community. She believes in paying it forward.  She also believes in philanthropy and has, in many cases, shared her gift of teaching etiquette and self-enhancement classes at various venues. It is her goal that every lesson taught will resonate with each student for life, whether it is a child or an adult.

Jackie is also a member of the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, which is the very city she grew up in.  She is humbled to play such a role in her city.  This position will give her even more opportunities to change lives for the better.

Clearly, her passion and expertise can be of benefit to everyone regardless of gender and age. The youngest she serves is age 6 and the oldest is 99.

Jackie is eager and enthused to help each student perform at their optimum level.

One class with Jackie will motivate you to schedule more and more.

Jackie says there are no cons about etiquette; only pros.