Wedding Party Etiquette

2 or more $50 per person

Wedding Party Etiquette

Each member of the wedding party will learn all about TABLE ETIQUETTE & PROTOCOL for the Reception and Rehearsal Dinner. Bridesmaids will learn how to SIT AND WALK GRACEFULLY. Groomsmen will learn all about CHIVALRY (escorting a lady, seating a lady at the table, etc.)

Everyone will learn how to conduct themselves in a refined manner to help make the special day even more special.

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Restaurant Staff Etiquette (Male and Female)

4 or more $35 per person

Restaurant Staff Etiquette
  • Servers will learn how to properly serve a guest at all times.
  • On which side to serve and collect dishes
  • What symbolizes that the guest is finished eating?
  • What symbolizes that the guest will return to complete their meal?
  • What to do when a child is seated at the table
  • The importance of Chivalry by the male server
  • When is the best time to ask "How is your meal."
  • When to remove a dish from the table
  • When to serve a guest or the entire party
  • How to be courteous regardless of the circumstance and more...

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Tea Etiquette for Tea Party

Individual $25 / Group 10 or more $15 per person

Tea Party Etiquette
  • Everyone will understand the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea.
  • The dos and dont's during a Tea Party
  • What to do with your napkin
  • How to hold the cup
  • When to hold the Saucer with the cup
  • What to do with the tea bag
  • Which tier to eat from first, second, and third
  • How to prepare your scones for consumption
  • How to make your Tea Party one to remember
  • Is it cream before sugar or sugar before cream?
  • How to be the ideal hostess

And much more...

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